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Verdades Angel

Dream Angel - Brightening - Perfumed Body Lotion

Dream Angel - Brightening - Perfumed Body Lotion

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When Nature, Beauty & Science Combine, the result can be Dangerous... DANGEROUSLY BEAUTIFUL
We Bring to You, our Perfumed Body Hydra Gel Lotion Line.
Combining, the three wonders of the world, we have brought you a product too good to say no too & once tried, YOU'LL WANT MORE.

STAGE ONE: Eau De Parfum 35% - your body lotion at home, only has 1% .. srry.
35% means YOU. WILL. SMELL. BOMB.COM the whole day. 24 Hours Guaranteed.
Here's a pretty little secret, while the scents are perfumes and not your typical artificial fruit scents, we have added YUMMY extracts, imported from Switzerland.
so that, not only do you smell amazing, you also TASTE AMAZING. *wink*
Yeah babe, you're a Treat. A very Luxurious Treat.

STAGE TWO: Active Ingredients
Let's face it, you're all not scientists. We don't know what chemicals our skin needs at what percentages. Heck, even dermatologists get it wrong.
THAT IS WHY, we have created a perfectly balanced formula that is suitable for all skin types. Nature, Chemicals & Naturally Derived Chemicals all working hand in hand,
to IMPROVE. YOUR. SKIN. The active Ingredients in this range are a BONUS

Think.. LIQUID JELLY, how soft, how smooth, how BOUNCY. Well, that's how we'd describe it. Sounds yummy right? Please do not eat.
It's soft, supple and really hydrated.The gel itself has a super light texture and absorbs quickly into the skin but leaves it feeling hydrated all day long.
It's very light weight, not sticky, and leaves skin feeling hydrated & healthy.

We want you to have fun, we want you to get excited for staying hydrated. We want you to smell Luxurious all day Long. we want you to LOVE YOURSELF.
We'll just provide the seasoning.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 814 reviews
Madonna Donnelly

This Foundation is matted and Olie. It is very good to stretch out. I wonder if it will stick to the mask when I wear a mask.
I like it because the Cospa is good. It is good to feel free. I 've been using depakos carefully, but now I want to spend money on other things, so I can't spend money on cosmetics, so it's helpful.
I don't care so much about the smell.

Jeanette Gutkowski

Dream Angel - Perfumed Body Moisturizer

Lonzo Schinner

Dream Angel - Perfumed Body Moisturizer

Wallace Stiedemann

The smell is very beautiful and I received within 2 hours only there was a slight leak from the box but it was in good condition five free samples were put I recommend dealing with the seller

Eugene Zulauf

The request arrived fast and with free samples thank you to the seller and, God willing, the problem of the device is solved as I use the fragrance👍🏼