Collection: Glass Skin Brightening Body Polish

Say Hello to Silky Smooth Glass Skin

Our Body Polish was designed as the ultimate pampering luxurious step that takes you & your skin to Heaven (& back)
Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, let me ask you this, whose skin would you rather have?
or Hairy, Dirt filled Pores, Dull, Jacob (we promise we luv u jake)

So, Get the Gist? Let us Explain Further. This Product is Meant to be used at the end of your Shower Routine & Washed of.
This Product is designed to give you Immediate Results.

The Highly Nourishing Ingredients have been made so fine, that they Penetrate into your skin Deeper, Moisturizing from within, Tightening your Pores (say bye to KP & Strawberry Skin)
and Leaving a non sticky Shiny Coating (Glass Skin)  on your skin,
"an angelic glow from within"

Just don't go out in the sun, unless you really wanna glimmer & have people accuse you of being a Vampire.

BTW, Did we mention the Skin Bonding Eau De Parfum? That will Last all day, everyday? 
Yeah, there's that too.