Collection: Perfumed Candles

Experience the World of Luxury Aroma with Our Perfumed Candles

Don't get scammed when buying yourself a candle.
The Market blends only ad 1-2% fragrance oil in your candles & all the hype around soy wax candles, no no no. They are a "blend"

Now lets talk about us baby, lets talk about you & me.. sidetracked..

We add a WHOPPING 36% perfume oil, 82% soy wax blend (the leftover 18% are better waxes, but we're not spilling the tea srry), and a STORY.

Each Candle tells A story, gives off a vibe, sets a certain mood. The names speak for themselves. Focus on the name.

our candles use the most luxurious of ingredients and guarantee scents that last longer & stronger as soon as you burn them.