Collection: Foaming Exfoliating Scrub & Loofah Milkshake

An Extremely Foaming, BABY SKIN Exfoliating, Scrub & Loofah Milkshake.
A Witch’s favorite brew.
Transform your bath into an enchanted experience with our deliciously crafted
Scrubbing Spell Milkshake Exfoliator.

Our scents are so enchanting, there’s no breaking this spell. Relax into sea salt,
coconut oil and coconut milk powder for luscious, glowing skin.
Our ingredients not only do a fantastic job at exfoliating your dead skin, but regenerate new skin cells with the nourishing after care ingredients jam packed in our product.

Best Part? Other than the Fragrances, Results, Ingredients.. THE FOAMING. Not all Scrubs can Foam, this will ensure you not having to scrub harder, damaging your skin barrier.
Work Smarter, Smell Nicer, & Enjoy the FREE LOOFAH