Collection: Fragrance Potions / Ittars

Inspired & replicated Potent itars of the words best selling and best smelling perfumes

What is a Fragrance Potion?

simple, the standard bottled perfume; eau de parfum/toilette..etc.. you buy, are merely DILUTED versions of perfume oils into alcohols or other carriers.
We have the Arabs to thanks for this invention, why do they smell so good? Because they use direct fragrance oils rather than the diluted version.

ONE DROP, is all it takes.
Your scent will linger for miles, it will cast a shadow after you're long gone, and anything you touch WILL smell like you- HEAVENLY.

We call them potions, because aesthetically, in different coloured dropper bottles, do they not remind you of Severus Snape's Potion Stores? If you're not a Harry Potter Fan, BOO you, witch.
just kidding..

The bottles & Packaging are presented in a medieval aesthetic, but the scents are anything but.

These scents are not inspired by the typical oudy Arab Fragrance Oils.
They are in fact, Modern scents inspired by the world's best selling perfumes.

These Scents are Designed to provoke feelings of Seduction, Elegance, Royalty & someone who isn't easily forgotten.