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Verdades Angel

Seraphina | Goddess of Temptation - Hair Perfume

Seraphina | Goddess of Temptation - Hair Perfume

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Our Award Winning Hair Eau De Parfums have taken a new turn.
We present to you, our

Each scent carries the essence of its Appointed Goddess.

These are designed to provoke feelings of Seduction, Elegance, Royalty & someone who isn't easily forgotten.

Which one of our Leading Ladies (or shall i say, Goddess) will you be embodying today?

Esmeralda | Goddess of Desire                     
Approdhite | Goddess of Love & Beauty
Seraphina | Goddess of Temptation                   
 Ambrosia | Goddess of Immortality
Amara | Goddess of Eternal Beauty                                 
Asteria | Goddess of Dreams
Freya | Queen of The Gods                                           
Twilight | Goddess of Affection
Pheme | Goddess of Fame                                     
Valkyrie | Goddess of Enchantment
Alannis | Goddess of The Sea                                         
Enyo | Goddess of Blood Lust
Ares | Goddess of War                                                     
Lilith | Goddess of The Night
Chrysos | Goddess of Gold & Riches

These Highly Potent Hair Perfumes not only leave your hair smelling Heavenly, all day long (or until your next wash)
BUT our unique formulation, also works to recharge the strands with enriching amino acids for added hydration,
along with shine & softness. As if that wasn't enough, you will find subtle particles of mica that will make your hair glitter.
Not Edward Cullen in the Sun glitter, But still glitter.

The lightweight formula does not make your hair feel sticky or weighed down.

A true leader in the luxury beauty space, Our Goddess Hair Perfume is the hair indulgence you never knew you needed — and now, refuse to live without.

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Customer Reviews

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Beaulah Harris

From the smells to the beautiful dimension

Jeanette Aufderhar

From the smells to the beautiful dimension

Walker Mayer

Best Store😍I asked for two days and I arrived, and is not the first request smells Khayal! And fast delivery.

Kaleb Effertz

* The present document is being issued without formal editing.

Elias Larson

The smell is very beautiful and I received within 2 hours only there was a slight leak from the box but it was in good condition five free samples were put I recommend dealing with the seller